Adnan's bio

Adnan Hajizadeh was born on 13th of July, 1983 in Baku. He graduated from Baku European Lyceum and is a FLEX (Future Leader Exchange Program) alum. He obtained a Bachelor degree in Political Science from Richmond University. Upon his return to Baku, Adnan continued his education to obtain a Bachelor degree in Law from Khazar University.

After parliamentary elections of 2005, Adnan took part in mass protests against the rigged election results and was subject to physical pressure by the police. Adnan is one of the main founders of OL! Azerbaijani Youth Movement, a non-violent movement aimed at education and development of Azerbaijani youth. Adnan served in the Executive Board three times and he is also OL's External Affairs Coordinator. Adnan works at BP Azerbaijan, Communications and External Affairs Department. He is Internal Communications Officer.

In October 2007, Adnan went to the army to complete his military service. Upon his return from the army in October 2008 he continued his work both at BP Azerbaijan and at OL! Azerbaijan Youth Movement. Adnan is a prominent member of civil society and very well known among youth activists for his Youtube videos (look up: fuserlimon and olmedia). Some of these videos had an educational character for foreigners to know Azerbaijan better, while others carried a subtle political message (a video on imported donkey which cost $41,000 or the flowers on lampposts in the streets of Baku). Adnan was also the main brain power and implementer of several OL! campaigns such as "blue ribbon" or "ADR unites us!"


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