Emin's bio

Emin Milli (Abdullayev), 30 (was born on October 14, 1979) is a New Media activist and one of the leaders of non-political, non profit youth organization AN (Alumni Network). Graduate of Baku State University International law school, Emin Milli got his masters degree at the University of Saarbruecken European Law School.

Emin Milli has worked before as a coordinator of International Republican Institute (IRI) in Azerbaijan (1999-2000), as a director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) in Azerbaijan (2002-2004). As a consultant and legal expert he was advising the Council of Europe (CoE) in matters concerning political prisoners in Azerbaijan in more than 40 cases (2002 -2004). In 2005 Milli has been political analyst assistant in OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission in Azerbaijan.

Emin Milli is the co-founder of AN Network established in 2005. He is one of the authors and organizers of the campaign - "Future Is What You Do Now" which contributed to the establishing and designing of the State Program to send 5 000 Azerbaijani students to the best Universities abroad. The latest decisions of the government to de-facto shut down foreign broadcasters (radios -"Liberty", "BBC" and "VOA") in combination with the scheduled referendum to be held on March 18, 2009 to establish unlimited Presidency in Azerbaijan made Emin Milli to initiate international campaign to increase international pressure on the government of Azerbaijan to reconsider its position on both issues.


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